Catalog shoot

This past fall I photographed a catalog for a sportswear company. In the past most of the photos were done with available light, but for this year we really wanted to make the section openers stronger and more dramatic.

©Tony Gale

©Tony Gale

For this shot and the one below, highlighting the wool/leather jackets I lit the models with an Elinchrom Ranger with a Rotalux box from the left. On the right I had a Lastolite frame with a diffusion panel to cut the direct sunlight that was shining on the models.

Tony Gale - Game

For the second photo I increased the power on the Ranger to make the background much darker, thus allowing for type to be placed in the final catalog.

When shooting with a client on location like this I use the Sony A7R and the Sony Smart Remote Control App to tether wirelessly to my iPad. It allows the client and art director to see what I am shooting, without using cables and a laptop which can be tricky outside in the sun.