Manfrotto blog posts


Manfrotto has really been making some fantastic camera bags lately. I have written several blog post for the Manfrotto Bags blog. you can read them all here.

Rooftop portraits


©Tony Gale

©Tony Gale

More rooftop portraits, shot on the roof of my office building in NYC.

Shot with a Sony a99 and Sony/Zeiss 24-70/2.8, lighting is a Rotalux Midi Octabank on a Elinchrom Quadra.

Controlling and Modifying Light workshop


I’ll be teaching a workshop on portable flash with Professional Women Photographers in January. It is a two day workshop on Jan 10+17, $145 fro PWP members and $160 for non-members. More info here

Madison Cowan for NY Moves

moves 001

Chef Madison Cowan ©Tony Gale

I recently photographed Chef Madison Cowan for New York Moves magazine.

The shoot was at Fairway, on the upper west side on Manhattan and he was photographed while I was also shooting another project there.

Camera was a Sony A7R with a Sony/Zeiss 24-70/4 lens.  Lighting was a Rotolux midi octabank on a Elinchrom ELC monolight.

Hiking in the Catskills

The Catskill mountains. ©Tony Gale

The Catskill mountains. ©Tony Gale

Overlook mountain fire tower

Overlook mountain fire tower. ©Tony Gale


Hiking in the Catskill mountains, up Overlook mountain. It was more then a little disconcerting climbing that fire tower. Fortunatly I had my a7r with me, easy to carry and small.

Shot with a Sony a7r and Sony/Zeiss 24-70/4 lens

Edward Hirsch for Poets and Writers magazine

Edward Hirsch in Poets and Writers magazine. ©Tony Gale

Edward Hirsch in Poets and Writers magazine. ©Tony Gale

Edward Hirsch, photographed for Poets and Writers magazine in his office at the Guggenheim foundation in New York City.


Photographed with a Sony a99 and lit with Elinchrom ELC monolights.


Enviromental Lighting Tips with Tony Gale


If you missed my lighting webinar with Photoshelter and Manfrotto, it is now online and you can watch at your leisure, over and over! More info here!


PDN 30: Strategies for the young working photographer


I’ll be a panelist at Photo Plus 2014 on the PDN 30 panel, sponsored by Sony!

Come see me along with Keren Sachs from Offset, and up and coming photographers Dina Litovsky, Greer Muldowny and Marcus Smith. More info about this and other seminars  here!


Background composite experiment

©Tony Gale

©Tony Gale

This was a Photoshop composite test. The background was shot in Chicago, and the woman was photographed in studio in NYC.

The University at Photo Plus Expo 2014


The University

The University

I’ll be hosting the University at PPE this year! Come see me along with Jen Rozenbaum, Peter Hurley, Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman! More info here!